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IHD Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established in May 2002, for the manufacturing and sales of electric fuel pumps and module assemblies in the Indian automotive market. We endeavor to be the leading supplier of electric fuel pumps and module assemblies in the Indian market.

As the world moves towards globalization, we are constantly striving to ensure that our products meet international quality standards. Also we hope to emphasize that customer satisfaction has set us aside competition.

"Our Products Reflect Our Corporate
Doctrine of Harmony"

The new century has brought in an era of increased global interaction as well as fiercer competition between existing suppliers of automotive components. In order to survive in this new era, it is imperative that companies constantly improve their products.

We have taken appropriate measures to ensure not only our survival but also our growth into the new millennium. We are confident that these measures will propel IHD to become a leader in the global automotive market.

Our products reflect our corporate doctrine of harmony, dedication and technological innovation. We are geared to meet the goals and objectives of the new century and beyond.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Seung Yong Song
Managing Director